The name Scarfini belongs to two brothers; Jonathan and Denis. Originally from Italy they have enjoyed extreme outdoor activities from a young age, such as Skateboarding, Snowboarding, Rock climbing and at around the age of 18; Surfing! Their lives were then irreparably altered as they were gripped by the surf addiction that so many of us are familiar with. Travelling in search of better waves became as essential as breathing to them and their priorities in life were determined around this need. It was for this reason that Jonathan moved to Durban, South Africa, a city with tropical weather conditions and consistent surf, to work as a footwear designer and mould maker. Denis headed to the beautiful Brazil for similar reasons but was also lured by the rumours of beautiful women; a rumour he found to be very true!

After a few years Jonathan’s creative side was inspired to shape his own boards as well as making his own fins in his backyard garage. As it turns out, his fins were much better than his boards! It wasn’t too long till his buddies and others in the water were riding the fins and soon after, local shapers demanding them for their local and export orders. Jonathan, realising he had stumbled upon a niche in the South African market for fins, summoned his brother Denis to Durban. The two brothers then embarked, in 2003, upon a journey that has taken them to where they are now. Since then Scarfini fins have grown from strength to strength, handmade in South Africa and driven by the passion for surfing!