The Air Fin

December 19, 2017

The Air Fin

 The lightest floating fin on the market with a greater memory flex. 

As surfing as progressed into the acrobatic sport it has today, so has the materials along with it. We see more Surfboards rapidly switching to the combination of EPS blanks and Epoxy resins to retrieve more performance due to their light weight and more lively flex , Wetsuit material that makes you feel as if you’re surfing in board shorts without compromising warmth and now it’s time for fins !

As humans are creatures of habit fins can be that one accessory that you may never change. You find one set that you love, and despite being bounced off the rocks at j-bay and has a million chips, scratched and cracks (Which slow you down BTW) you may tend to stick to the same set of fins for a few years. Although this isn’t entirely a bad thing but like your fins staying the same, so will your surfing. 

Now, you are probably looking to order the new Helium surfboard from Firewire for theirs pro-light and durable construction or perhaps an EPS/epoxy surfboard  that  feature carbon fibre strips or even that innovative spine-tek  as  a stringer  replacement ,bought a brand new rip curl flash bomb, your setup up is as light as a feather but you’re still about to put in that set of fins you’ve had for the past 3 years. Battered and bent, this is not going to serve you well. You want to be as light as possible.  

So in the spirit of light and fast this is the break down our latest product… The Air Fin.

Why and how we came up with that name? It’s so light it floats on water. The weight of a medium thruster set sits at 127 grams vs 160 grams standard honeycomb. These fins weighs lighter than your Iphone. 

And here’s why… 

The fin is made up of 3 main components.  

revolutionary core material

First being  made  a revolutionary core material  that contains a minimum of 90% or AIR . The other 10 % is of a closed-cell, thermoplastic and recyclable polymer foam with a very homogeneous cell structure, high mechanical properties and an outstanding performance . .It has an extraordinary resistance to fatigue, is chemically stable, UV-resistant and has no water absorption .

Poly cloth with an ultra fine weave 

Second  is that  core is being supported by a Poly cloth with an ultra fine weave, which optimizes strength towards the thin  rear edge of the fin.

Control Flex Carbon Fibre

And lastly the carbon fibre is integrated to control flex . .It has a dynamic template design that  replicate the motion of a whip .  Carbon fibre has the highest strength to weigh ratio. Hence the reason it’s a key component to our new Air Core fin.

The Air fin comes in small, medium and large. If you're amped on being one of he first to be riding the lightest toughest fin around, click here to order a set.

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